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Our Standard Roof Replacement Services Includes:

Installing Synthetic Underlayment (instead of traditional felt paper), new drip edge, a snow/ice barrier, vent pipe boots, ridge vent and new chimney step flashing and the counter flashing if necessary.


We do not use staples to attach the shingles, we use nails. We will also clean out the rain gutters and check your property to make sure we leave the property in the same shape it was before the work started.


New Roof - No Mess

Roofers Buggy used to Strip Roof


Sunnyside Roofers of Lancaster PA uses the Roofers Buggy to help keep your yard and property clean.The Roofers Buggy is a portable motorized container designed for roofing contractors. The buggy is driven (under its own power) to the house and raised up to roof level. This allows our crew to push the old roofing debris directly into the container. By using the Roofers Buggy we are able to keep the roofing debris in the container and off of your lawn and shrubbery. - New roof and no mess.



Free Roofing Estimates

We will come out to your home and inspect your roof at no charge. We will then discuss your roofing options based on the inspection. We will provide you with brochures so you can take your time to decide on the type of roof you would like, what type of shingles and the color. If we would find any hidden damage once the roof is stripped we will give you a price on the repairs before the work begins. We will also provide you with information on our 10 Year Workmanship Warranty and our insurance. To set up an appointment for your free estimate please visit out contact page or call us at: 717-825-7751



What Type of Roof Is Right For You?

Asphalt Roofs

It your current roof is asphalt shingles and you would like to stay with an asphalt roof, there are many different options available. We will provide you with all the literature you need to decide on the type and color you would like. We will also explain what the difference is between the types and any pros or cons if there are any.


Metal Roofs & Rubber Roofs

Metal & Rubber Roofs are becoming more popular and we will be glad to explain to you what the difference is between these two and the difference compared to using asphalt shingles. Like asphalt roofs, there are many options available for both metal & rubber roofs.


Cedar Roofs 

A Cedar roof is beautiful, lightweight, durable, rot resistant, and it has a higher R-Value (insulating value) than other roofing material. A cedar roof can also add value to your home.



How To Tell If Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair Or Replacement.

Some of the most common warning signs that your roof is in need of attention are: Pieces of shingles laying in the yard, cracked shingles, curled shingles, you keep losing a shingle or two every time there are high winds, and pieces of shingles that are missing. If you have visible water damage on the ceiling in the home this means the roof has been leaking for a while and you probably have damage to the sub-roof (roof plywood).


Would you like an idea what different shingles might look like on your home? Click link or image to go to to use their Virtual Home Remodeler tool.


Click Here to use the Virtual Home Remodeler Tool.


Sunnyside Roofing - Virtual Home Remodeler Tool



Roofing Work is Warranted for 10 Years